👉103 B2B Sales and Marketing (Extremely Powerful) Expert Tips: Your 80/20 Blog Hack

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Let’s face it, most B2B marketing “content” is dressed up junk, or at best, as appealing as heated-up McDonald’s french fries from the night before — not very. That’s why I’ve gathered the best B2B marketing and sales resources in one place, for your consumption. Enjoy.


“How do you get new information from experts in your field?”


This was a question I was recently asked via survey. And I didn’t have an easy answer.


While blog posts and more easily accessible media like videos and guides were bound to be more up-to-date, I tried sticking to books to avoid having to read another pointless spacekeeper, think, “5 Tips For Creating EPIC Content.” Ugh.


Let’s face it, much of the marketing “content” out there is garbage or at least the equivalent of reheated McDonald’s french fries. The problem is, that while there seems to be loads of B2B marketing and general  information available for noobs, there’s nothing worthwhile for those that have been to previous rodeos.


Or so I thought…


I created this post to change that. I have scanned, sweated over, and searched through hundreds of sites, forums, research papers, webinars, podcasts, infographics, and the like in order to gather the best B2B marketing and sales resources today.


Among other things, they will help you


✅Dominate your B2B social media marketing

✅Drum up more sales leads via email

✅Grow your sales with automation

✅Implement strategies that have made over $200K for similar businesses

✅Stay motivated in this crazy world


You will find them divided by topic. Click one below in order to navigate to the topic that interests you.

103 B2B Sales and Marketing (Extremely Powerful) Expert Tips



📑[PDF] 21st Century Guide To Lead Qualification by Intercom


“The Lead Cookie Sales Playbook: Automating The Close” by Jake Jorgovan


“Traction Channels Class (based on ‘Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth’)” by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares


🎬[Video] 4 Ways to Dominate Any Market Advertising With Frank Kern by Grant Cardone


🎶[Podcast] “Demographics + Guessing ≠ Buyer Persona: Unify Your Story With Ardath Albee From Marketing Interactions” by CoSchedule / Nathan Ellering 


“Try This 30-Second Tactic for Smoother Hand-Offs, Fewer No-Shows, and Happier Customers” by Adam Schoenfeld


🎬[Video] Stop Selling, Start Closing by Grant Cardone


📑[PDF] The Beginner’s Guide To Real-Time Sales by Intercom


📑[PDF] VIdeo In Business Benchmark Report by Vidyard


Online Industry Forums, B2B Lead Generation, and the Magic of Being Helpful” by Weidert/ Mary Rockman


🎶[Podcast] B2B Empathy-Based Marketing, Trust, Lead Generation  by LeadCrunch / J. David Green and Brian Carroll


“Advanced Remarketing with Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager” by Analytics Ninja


How To Bridge The Marketing And Sales Gap With Content” by Jeff Bulla / Clara Beck


7 Things You Can’t Do With A CRM Spreadsheet” by Close / Steli Efti 


The Truth About B2B Lead Gen: What Really Works” by CrazyEgg / Jeremy Smith


25 Ways To Generate More B2B Sales Leads For Your Business” by Fit Small Business / David Waring 


“How To Leverage Sales Prospects’ Passions For Better Sales Nurturing” by Tom Martin


[Infographic] 50+ Retargeting Statistics Marketers Should Know by MarketingProfs / Vabe Habeshian


What B2B Marketers Can Do to Leverage Geotargeting Tacticsby The Drum / Keka Cobb


“A Simple 2-Step Process To Fill High-Ticket Events” by Jeff Walker and Dean Jackson


🎶[Podcast]“How Much of An Audience Do You Need to Succeed?” by 7-Figure Small /Brian Clark


“Rethinking B2B Sales Personalization” by LinkedIn / Steve Kearns


“Google Analytics Vs. Google Tag Manager” by MeasureSchool / Julian Juenemann


11 Tips for Improving Customer Experience and Driving Conversions” by Digital Marketing and Analytics / Anil Batra


4 Steps to Do Lead Nurturing That Helps More Customers Buy” by B2B Lead Blog / Brian Carroll


“How To Use BANT To Qualify Prospects” by HubSpot


“Inspiring Customer Loyalty With Proactive Communication” by Precision Marketing Group / Tracey MacDonald


How To Embrace Transparency And Win More Sales” by Selling Power Blog / Steve Schmidt


“How To Really Speed Up Your Sales Process” by Selling Power Blog / Dave Kurlan


“How Question-Selling Can Triple The Value Of Your Service” by Predictable Revenue / Matt Buchanan


9 Surefire Ways to Make New Sales Messaging Stick” by Gong / Devin Reed


🎬[Video] “Selling With Social Proof: Your Master Key To Closing More Deals” by Gong / Tim Riesterer


“What Problem Is The Customer Trying To Solve?” by Membrain / Dave Brock


Why You Need to Make Time for Asking for Referrals” by No More Cold Calling / Joanne Black


🎶[Podcast] “Mindfulness In Selling” by Sandler Training / Brian Sullivan and Oksana Esberard







“The REAL Cost Of Content Marketing: Turning $70K Into $200K” by SlideBean / Caya


[Resources] Content Machine: “Build A 7-Figure Business WIth Zero Advertising” by Dan Norris


“How To Write Native Ad Landing Pages (3 Case Studies)” by AdBeat / Bradley Nickel


“60 Free Press Release Sites Tested” by Jas / Vitis Public Relations


🎬[Video] How To Create Infinite E-Bombs by Amy Hoy and Hillman


“How to Generate Over $1 Million In B2B Sales Leads With Chat” by Drift / Maryann Thomas


89 Blog Niche Ideas (And How To Choose The Right One)” by Blog Tyrant


“How To Craft A Fail-Proof, Killer Blog Post Promotion Strategy” by Meera Kothand


“How Chatbots Use Sentiment Analysis To Improve Customer Satisfaction” by HubSpot / Ricky Philip


Evaluating What Works in Your B2B Content Marketing”  by BopDesign / Rachel Cunningham


“How To Format A Blog Post In 8 Easy Steps” by Brafton / Dominick Serrentino


”Outgrow Interactive Case Study: How Inventrom Generated 30000+ Leads” by Outgrow


Why You Need A Content Gap Analysis And How to Do It Right” by Kapost / Ritika Puri 


🎬[Video] How Marketing Leads to Sales by Amy Hoy and Alex Hillman


📑[PDF] Conversational Marketing Blueprint by Drift


B2B Video Content: Top Goals, Formats, Channels, and Challenges” by  MarketingProfs / Ayaz Nanji 


10 Best Contact Us Pages On The Web (Plus How To Create Your Own)by Blog Tyrant


How To Build A B2B Marketing Strategy From The Ground Up” by BopDesign / Jeremy Durant


The Importance of B2B Content Marketing Funnels” by Return On Now / Dan McGaw


Publishers Are Growing Audiences By Producing Less Content” by Digiday / Lucinda Southern

“Landing Page A/B test on Data36 (A/B Testing Case Study)” by Data36 / Tom Mester


“2 A/B Testing Misconceptions” by Data36 / Tomi Mester


5 Stock Photo Sites That Will Make Your Content More Inclusive & Diverseby Contently / Adam Hadad


“10 Sure-Fire Headline Templates that Work” by CopyBlogger / Brian Clark


“What You Should Talk About On Your Podcast” by Copyblogger / Darrell Vesterfelt and Tara McMullin


“Five Innovative Content Marketing Tactics (And Tools) to Embrace” by BuzzSumo 



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