3 B2B Sales Cheat Codes For Hidden Leads Before They Disappear

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You’ve spent loads of time researching, designing, and doing all the back end stuff. You’ve created a great piece of marketing content so that leads can trade their information for it. But what do you do when leads don’t want to fill out your forms. We’ll explore some effective cheat codes for this.

Let’s talk about it:


 You ever have one of those odd moments where you try to get the attention of someone you know and they ignore you or don’t see you?


It’s an odd thing because any person looking at you on the outside wonders if you might be a little crazy. And  inside you start to wonder if the person whose attention you want is just screwing with you.


I remember one time when I was living in New York City and noticed one of my coworkers on the sidewalk.


I shouted. But she didn’t respond, just kept walking with her headphones affixed to her ears.


I upped the ante — started walking toward her and waving. It’s like I wasn’t there.


I kept this up until, out of frustration, I upgraded to launching myself directly in front of her on the sidewalk.


It wasn’t until I was blocking her passage that she acknowledged my existence.


“Oh, hey Jean-Marc.” 


After sharing all that with you, I know it wasn’t her fault. The thing is that NYC is a madhouse. Big cities are that way. Every inch of it is people yelling advertisements, handing out fliers, bursting into  raucous conversations, singing to themselves — just noise, noise, noise.


After a while, dealing with all that triggers a sort of apathy. You just don’t react as much.


The Reality Of Buyers And Apathy


Lately, I’ve become a big believer in the self-healing equation meditation teacher and lecturer Tara Brach shares with her students,


Pain X Resistance = Suffering.


Don’ suffer (it’s always optional). It’s just best for us to be honest with ourselves.


So let’s just put it out there, in the case of business, no one really cares about us, they care about the problems we can help solve. 


We can see this from our own eyes as consumers, but when it has to do with our businesses (our babies) we can go blind to the obvious.


So, fully acknowledging that sense of apathy, it stands to reason that sometimes the apathy of our would-be B2B sales leads gets such a hold on them, they can’t produce the energy or desire to fill out our forms. And it makes sense.


Is it a wonder that...

“Conversion rates typically range from1-3%.” When “the average number of form fields on landing page conversion forms is 11” 


-CapSumo, “Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Statistics”

Forms suck. Really, think about it,


You’ve been seeking a simple solution for a temporary problem. And say, that solution is a template or two. After searching, you find someone that will make it available, the solution to your problem — for free.


Now, be honest, what are your next thoughts as you navigate to the page?


I bet you a shiny red apple that you’re thinking,


“What hoops do I have to jump through now?”


To our collective horrors, those hoops to jump through are often 11 lines of B.S. and suckiness.


What is the point?


Before B2B Sales Leads, Why Are You Creating This Lead Magnet?

I remember sitting down with a new customer trying to figure out why he wasn’t getting B2B sales leads.


For some reason, he must’ve had it in his mind his company had a production issue because he spent the next 15 minutes trying to convince me they could produce content day and night without any resistance.


“Oh, we know how to churn out content!” he assured me.


Wonderful, but why?


The question I would bring to him, you, or myself is, “Why?”


Why produce another…


“Top 10 X To Avoid”

“The 1 Scary Thing To Watch With X”

“How To Improve Your X Without Sacrificing Your Y”


…forgettable lead magnet?


We’ve all been guilty of this as marketers, marketing for marketing’s sake , producing just another thing to be swallowed up by the webspace.


It’s  so much better, for you and your new customers, when you are crystal clear as to why you are creating a specific piece of marketing collateral.


You can access a quick worksheet I’ve developed to work through this here


Make your customers the hero


Speaking to what people actually want, Donald Miller’s book “Story Brand” does a great job in helping marketers rediscover their true purpose in the eyes of the customer, to serve as a guide.


We are neither the stars whose primary goal is to showcase their pent-up skills gathered from years in a liberal arts major nor the geniuses who get to outwit customers with our clever tricks and hacks.


We are guides. We are Yoda not Luke. Or if you’re into the darkside, we’re more like Snoke and less like Kylo (Trying not to add any spoilers is killing me 🙂 )


Each of us plays the hero of our OWN story. Our challenge is to let our customers be the hero.


How do we let our customers be the hero?


Miller breaks your typical story down into parts. 


It’s all about [A Character] who has [ A Problem] they want to solve then meets [ A Guide] who gives them [A Plan] on which they need to [Take Action] in order achieve [Success] and avoid [Failure].

Now, ask yourself some questions concerning your customer and the piece you’re about to create.


Who is the lead character (target customer)?


What is their problem?


As their guide, what is the solution you’ll offer?


How will you know it was a success?


How might the target customer fail without it?


How does your lead magnet help them on this journey?


You can access a quick worksheet I’ve developed to work through this here

How To Capture B2B Sales Leads Who Don’t Fill Out Forms




CapSumo is a bit of software that captures leads with abandoned online form data on your website. That means that even if people don’t complete any of your forms you can still catch their information.

This can be a big help if you feel you are consistently missing out on leads. And website leads over other types of leads are worth fighting for, as they’re often 3X more valuable. 



I like using these, as you can see.


But the chatbots of today are sooo much cooler than the static and lame ones you might have been used to in the past. Chatbots like the ones available with Intercom or Drift can easily be triggered by a link to set off a specific chatflow.


You can also use chatflows to capture information visitors enter as well.


That means that you can use chatbots instead of forms in several instances.


In fact, Drift, the conversational marketing/chatbot company (they make mine 🙂 ) has staked their business on the idea that we as B2B marketers should communicate the way people do today, through messaging.


They’ve fully committed to this concept by refraining from things that most B2B marketers treat like religion:

  • They don’t do complicated email sequences.
  • They don’t use forms.
  • They mostly track conversations.


You can learn more in their book, “Conversational Marketing.”




You know when you find out something so great, you think it’s a secret when it’s not? Leadfeeder was one of those things. 


I would often bait potential customers with a line like, 


“I have access to this software that allows you to track where your specific visitors are coming from” 


Then they would say, “Oh, like Leadfeeder?”


Yep. Exactly 🙁


Anyhow, Leadfeeder is software that allows you to see where  your website leads are coming from. And in your dashboard it would look like this

Tie it all back to LinkedIn


Because the minimum for communicating with people is nabbing a name and an email address, you can easily use the former to connect with people on LinkedIn.


Simply navigate over to their profile. Hit “Connect” then “Add Note”. And in your note, just thank them for visiting your site, ending your message with a signal that you would like to chat more.


Here’s what to send…


[First Name]! Thanks for coming by the site and checking out [Lead Magnet]. Also noticed you’re a fellow connection of [Mutual Contact] as well. Hope to connect and chat more with you.


-[Your Name]

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