(Boom!) Irresistible Clicks From Up To 40 Percent Of Cold Social Leads

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Good Vs. Evil, Cats Vs. Dogs, and PC Vs. Mac — similar to these battles, you are in a consistent struggle of your business and sales messages against everything else your sales lead could be paying attention to. We’ll be talking about a hack for getting some of that valuable attention.

Let’s talk about it:


“How the heck will I handle celebrity interviews?”


That was my thought on my way to the university campus gym for my regular workout. And I was obsessing over doing celebrity interviews because I’d just landed a major writing gig with MSNBC Inc.


The more I thought about the prestige associated with the well-known parent company, the more I saw it playing out uncontrollably before me.


First I would get published.

Then I would get super famous.

Then I’d be some celebrity people would expect the world of.


Hence, the interviews.


Of course, that’s not how things turned out.


Apparently, other people had things in their lives more important than me (GASP?!)


I might be forgiven for this thought track in my 20s but I find this same problem plays out with children of all ages.


They call it the “fear of success,” I call it malarkey.


The Problem Getting Engagement With Social Media 


Most people have it completely freakin’ backwards when it comes to social selling.


 I have a sales expert that I work alongside at my coworking office. Guy has learned sales recruiting from being in the trenches for nearly a decade. A good slice of his clientele are what you’d  call “unicorns,” or $1 billion + startups. So, it’s clear he’s no rookie.


But getting him to share his extensive knowledge with the eager public and his 20,000+ social media following (I kid you not) is like pulling teeth from a devilish donkey. When I regularly tell him to , “Just post something dude,” he regails me with,


How he needs to prepare his materials a little bit more

Needs to wear something slightly better before getting on video

Wants to talk with another authority for some kind of permission

Would rather start posting tomorrow (or maybe next week)


I might have woken him up out of his mental whirlpool, by telling him the truth,


No one cares.


It’s the truth. Best to accept it now.


The likeliness of someone giving a slap of Flipper’s fin that you posted your latest brain fart on social media is close to nil.


Most people walk around in a trance, focused on a number of things including, but not limited to


  • Their problems
  • Their kids’/spouse’s/partner’s/relative’s/boss’ problems
  • Their own perceived unworthiness 
  • Their imagined (typically negative) future problems
  • Their past problems


None of that messy mix of mental space is naturally reserved for you nor I. 

The Problem Getting Engagement With Traditional Marketing 


That said, we’ll all pay attention to interesting and relevant information (like the tree branch smacking us in the face because we’re too busy looking at our phone — true story :). That’s why, getting any kind of engagement from leads is half the battle.


Fools on LinkedIn, the premier B2B social media communication platform, don’t make it any easier. They set themselves up to be ignored.


If you’ve spent any amount of time on the platform, you’ve gotten a terrible pitch (or a few dozen). They stink for several reasons that I don’t have to mention here — but the most glaring reasons are going to be


  • Repeated irrelevant contact
  • Lack of personalization
  • Zero proof of interest 


And with those marks against you, you’re essentially spamming someone who never cared about what you were offering in the first place (and that might not just be a LinkedIn lead generation thing) but a marketing and sales thing.


The whole ‘Spraying-N-Praying’ method of marketing doesn’t help anyone and only serves to make both you and your prospect dislike each other.


The Hack To Increase LinkedIn Lead Engagement Up To 40%


Here’s what I’m recommending instead, get on a webcam video and pitch an appointment that way.


The idea came to me after I watched an insurance business owner use a similar method to explain the typically incomprehensible bill statements that come with new policies.


The tool he used (and I use) is Loom. One of the best things they offer is a Chrome plugin that makes a quick webcam/screen share video easy, just one click away.


“So, what’s new about video?” You might ask.


Well, the way social media, in this case, LinkedIn interacts with it. With live previews, once you record and send your video to someone via LinkedIn messenger, they’ll see something like this,

UPDATE:  LinkedIn has made these even more interesting with live previews. That means prospects will get a moving version of your video preview, even before clicking. Like a GIF. This should mean even more engagement!

How to do LinkedIn Video Social Selling For Increased Engagement


You’ll just need to


  1. Signup for Loom (Note that you only get CTAs/Clickable Buttons on the (Paid)Pro Version)
  2. Download the Chrome Extension
  3. Sign in
  4. Navigate to your prospect’s LinkedIn Profile Page
  5. Record a video on their page
  6. Copy your video link
  7. Paste and send in your LinkedIn message


At the end what you end up with is something like this

Caption: You can always replace your webcam with a headshot if you’re feeling shy.


The Honest Cost And Scalability of Personalized Video


The next question I predictably get from any business owner or exec I’m explaining video-powered messaging to is,


How long will it take? Is it scalable?


Quick answer: It probably takes longer than you’d like. And no it isn’t easily scalable — but in the best way.


It can honestly take over an hour per day (depending upon the amounts of LinkedIn connections generated)


The main reason I got into doing Video-Powered Messaging was because I was tired of all the spammy junk many marketers and sales folk end up doing in order to generate leads.


I knew in my heart these people, my vocational brothers and sisters, weren’t trying to be creepy or uncaring in any way.

They’re just like the rest of us, working hard and looking for a way to work less. Perhaps that tendency toward the scalable solution is what ultimately makes platforms unbearable.


We end up falling into Seth Godin’s prediction of “Marketers Ruin Everything.”


So to combat this, we end up doing this ‘interesting’ thing where we think that slapping someone’s name in the message is personalization. That’s what even the SUPER HUGE marketing automation companies are pitching to me these days: Personalization at scale. Really?


Aside from it not always being such a good idea , there is phenomenal power in speaking directly to a lead.


I take my own medicine here. This simple strategy has won me deals with completely completely cold outreach. Some are now good buddies who say it was the video that stuck out.


Why Else Video Is Critical(?) To B2B Sales Success


So what is it with this video thing? Why is it helpful for business-to-business lead generation and business-to-business sales?


Consider these stats:


72% of businesses are seeing improved conversion rates with video (Wyzowl)


Message retention increases from 10 to 95% when video is used vs. text (Insivia).


People “just browsing“ are 6X more likely to convert into a paying customer when video is used (Motionsource).


Video improves comprehension by 400 percent, allowing for reduced call time (Zoom).


Reps on video calls are 41 percent more likely to close deals (Gong).


68% of consumers prefer short videos for learning about new products (Hubspot)


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