“Has Anyone Used LinkedIn For B2B Leads?”

Once I had gotten my first professional job at 19, I figured it was time to spend everything I had, as quick as possible.


There were a few glaring reasons for this:


  1. I hated what I did day-in and day-out and was living within the ‘safe’ career path I blamed my parents for pushing me into.
  2. Because I was making car payments with this ‘safe’ career and I was too scared to try anything else, I spent money needlessly just to feel alive.
  3. It felt a lot less ‘risky’ and much easier than being honest with yourself and making some serious life changes.
  4. I had self-esteem lower than dirt and wanted to feel (and show) people I was worthy.


On a whim, I decided I would pursue my (then) fantasy of being an actor-filmmaker by attending university abroad in the UK.


So, I set up a meeting with my thief of a financial advisor, nabbed a couple grand from my account and hopped on a plane to London.


I soon discovered that dropping into a new country on a different slice of the planet was not the same as taking a bus ride around my hometown. I failed to inform my bank of my travel plans and wound up stuck at the train station without a bit of money to my name.


I sorta begged strangers, stole time at an internet cafe, and napped on a bench at the station until I could figure things out with my bank.


Similarly, being without a plan for B2B lead generation or B2B sales is the same as being without choices. Seriously…


Having To Guess Your Through LinkedIn B2B Sales Sucks


You want to grow your B2B business sales.


This means you’re looking to create:


  • More sales leads
  • More sales conversations
  • More sales


You’re diligent and you’ve looked around. You’ve even tried a few options and had OK success with tools like


  • Ads
  • Emails
  • Phone calls
  • General internet marketing


They weren’t bad–but they weren’t great. And great results are what you’re looking for.


Every day you have a number of emergencies demanding your attention, from serving current customers,  to creating sales plans, to figure out how to multiply your output.


Who said you had time to take on extra work? But you’re willing to keep looking until you find what works well. 


Now you’ve heard about LinkedIn marketing and getting leads from LinkedIn. 


  • Reaching 660 million professionals online, from anywhere in the world
  • Creating larger deals
  • Finding and connecting with the right people at top businesses
  • Building a network list of sales leads


They all sound good — but you need some questions answered, like


Should I connect with a specific person I have in mind?

How do I connect with a specific person at Company X?

How do I get a meeting with them?


That is why you want the LinkedIn B2B Sales Decision Maker.



I’ve created it to help you better navigate the platform to achieve the goals of 


  • Increasing the amount of sales meetings generated
  • Speed up your sales process
  • Boost generated sales opportunities through social media


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