How To Build A Lead Generation Website: Making A HomePage

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When it comes to making a homepage, especially when you’re thinking about how to build a lead generation website, it’s important to avoid the common traps that drive your target customers away. We’ll explore how to increase sales conversations on your lead generation website via the homepage.


Who This Is For

This is for business owners who don’t have the time or desire to deal with a lot of complicated crap when it comes to getting a lead generation website going. 


If you’re looking for a tech-heavy, complicated breakdown of everything needed on any kind of site you want, an in-depth info on things like “schema,” you are in the wrong place.


We will not be talking about:


  • Building e-commerce sites.
  • Building membership sites.
  • Building the next Facebook.


But if you’re looking to build a simple and focused website that primarily gets you more sales conversations online — almost automatically, then you’re in the right place.


Let’s get into it.


We’re Making A HomePage: Let’s Not Overcomplicate This

What’s the biggest threat to your future customers engaging with your site? It’s you. Your design tastes, your fancy style, and your complicated explanations often get in the way of you being able to “touch” a customer or REALLY get their attention.


You can’t “touch” a person online or get them to start a sales conversation until it is clear that you have what they are looking for.


Haven’t you had the experience of a site you found so frustrating that you left before clicking anything?


We all have. The problem is that we think there is no way in heck that could be our site. But no one purposely designs an annoying website. They just get lost in the weeds.


On WordPress alone, there over 56,000 plugins or feature-adding tools for people to download (oftentimes free).  You could easily get lost chasing shiny features and building a clunky poor-working homepage that no one visits or wants to visit.


Complexity kills conversions.


What Should Be On The Homepage?

This is the place where most people screw up–because the ‘best practices’ are not always what’s best for your business goals.


Let’s start with what NOT to put on your lead generation website homepage, as it will make my answer to the question “What should be on the homepage?” make much more sense:


DON’T put this at the top of your lead generation website:

  • Moving image galleries
  • Space-heavy images
  • Auto-play videos


Moving image galleries

Moving image galleries are a problem.  They are a  popular thing to install at the top of websites–but why? What is the point of them really? 


If the point of moving image galleries’ existence is to showcase a specific service or offering that could easily be done with a static image. And to make it worse, have you ever tried to engage with something that you found interesting in a moving gallery? 


What typically happens is you end up trying to click back or click forward because the image that you want to click on has just past. So, it seems like a poor user interface concern to me that isn’t practical. 


Space-heavy images

Here, I’m mostly talking about PNG images. Now here’s the interesting thing. This is something I just learned about–because I used to preach the gospel of just keeping most of your images either small or away from the top of your web page. 


But here’s the thing,


It seems that you can get better results and faster website load times by just using JPEG images over PNG. I actually just tested this on a customer’s site and they went from clocking in at over two seconds load time and I brought them down to a little bit over 1.2 seconds of load time! Insane, when you consider the goal is to get under 2 seconds.!


 So use JPEG over PNG, especially if it’s for large images.


Auto-play videos

I haven’t met a high-quality video that didn’t take up a lot of space. I do not claim to be a video expert, but every video that I’ve worked with has always been on the information-heavy side. So I’d recommend you stay away from autoplay videos. 


How would an autoplay video do anything but distract your customer from taking an action on getting in touch with you or learning more about your product or services?


I find the places that do the autoplay video thing think they have a sweet office and want to show it off.


Great for them, not so great for the customer.


All of these things distract people from taking the immediate desired action of entering their information or engaging with your main call-to-action or button in order to become sales leads for your business.


Things added to the top of your lead gen website add to load time, a major factor in Google rankings.


Besides. you already have a full load of things that are running at the top or head of your site. You just can’t see them.


Think about things like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, and all the other third-party code you’ve added to your site. They site in the head or top of your site’s code and they’re likely to be a factor in your website loading fast or slow. So, that’s why we don’t want to add to the extra mess of space-heavy images at the top of your site.


They aren’t going to help your website run faster or communicate with your customers more effectively.


Finally, What SHOULD go on your homepage?


As least as possible or as little as you can get away with. 


Don’t add elements to your site “just cuz.”  Ask yourself, 


“Why is this here?” Have every element justify its existence.


For more information on how to improve slow website loading times, check out hosting company EuroVPS’ story, “The 10 Reasons Your Site Is Loading Slow (And Steps You Can Take To Fix It).” 


You’re in for some great ideas on how to speed up your site and eventually improve your Google rankings.


What Makes A Good Homepage?

What will make a good homepage, as far as getting sales conversations (and future customers) for your business is asking yourself the following design questions:


  • Is it immediately clear what this page is about?
  • Is it immediately clear what I want people to do here?
  • Are there simple things I can do to help people make quick decisions?


Is it immediately clear what this page is about?

Now, the numbers vary. It’s somewhere between three and seven seconds that you have to make a positive impression on a website visitor and get them to click on whatever you want them to click on. 


And that doesn’t happen if the person leaves frustrated. That situation adds to your bounce rate. Not good for you.


The bounce rate shows all the times that people go to a specific page and do not take action. You want to keep that as low as possible. 


Is it immediately clear what I want people to do here?


People can not take action if they’re unclear which action to take. It just makes them work harder. If you know anything about users or how human psychology works, here’s the ultimate secret,


We will take the easiest path possible whenever it is available to us.


When I want to best understand an industry, I’ll often check out 100 top sites in the field. Recently, I checked out  the IT services and they are HORRENDOUS about this. I’d be so clueless as to what they did, I ended clicking the “back” button many times.


If it’s not clear that you want people to click the button to get a free report or you want them to enter their URL so you can give them a free analysis, as some sort of lead magnet to get them into your funnel, they will take the easiest action available. They will click the “back” button in their browser. 


All this missed engagement from web visitors means you’re just throwing away a lot of free money frompeople that are coming to your site, many times organically. 


Are you getting that? You didn’t have to pay fof them to visit your site and you’re throwing away the chance to sell to them?


 With a poor homepage setup, potential customers don’t get a chance to hear your sales pitch or do business with you.


Are there simple things I can do to help people make quick decisions?

If I create a homepage and I’m adding something to it, you better believe it’s because I think it will help a customer make a better, faster decision. 


So for example, if I check out a webpage or website I recently created for a disinfection services company that also does professional sanitizing, you would notice that I will include the fact that they’ve had so many five star reviews on Google right underneath the main button, which is quite large. 

homepage of lead generation website

So when you pull up to the page, the first thing that you’d see is the name of the service. The second thing you see is a nice, big and obvious call to action that says, “Click To Talk With Us.“ 


Following that, you will see I’ve mentioned how many five star reviews they’ve gathered on Google. After that, we’ll show more social proof that they’ve been trusted for over 20 years, are licensed and family-owned. Finally, we’ll show a quick list of the top companies they’ve worked with. 


Notice these images have not been picked willy-nilly, I put them there because I believe this will help potential customers make the decision more quickly to do business with my client. 


So, before you add something, especially to the homepage of your lead generation website, ask yourself if this will help potential customers make the quick decision of getting in touch.


How does all this stuff increase lead generation?

Well, creating a simple and focused homepage for your lead generation site

is going to help direct customers’ attention, which will help them save time and make the decision to get in touch rather quickly. 


We typically don’t want people to have to come back to us and check us out a second time or have to look about just to figure out what the heck we do. 


Remember, if they can’t figure out what we’re about, they can’t enthusiastically start the sales conversation with us. If people don’t understand what it is we do, they might ask, but they also might not. 


It’s best to clear that up, save the potential customer time, save them mental energy, and simplify the process of getting them in touch with you.


How does all this attract customers to my website?

Using the strategy of keeping your homepage simple will help to decrease the web site page load time, which will also serve to improve your rankings via Google. 


When that happens, you will be able to attract more customers to your website. And when customers are on your website, they’ll also have a chance to engage with your forms or your chatbots in order to become sales leads.




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