How To Build A Lead Generation Website: Online Lead Generation

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Building an online lead generation system for your website doesn’t have to be complicated. Under the topic of how to build a lead generation website, it is actually one of the most simple parts of building a lead gen website. We explore why and how that is…


What Is Online Lead Generation?

Online lead generation is the process of turning someone who visits one of your online properties (website, social media profile, etc.) into a potential customer or sale. It is the act of creating sales conversations that become something more.


In order for someone to become a  sales lead they have to give you enough information for you to do adequate followup. Online, that often means a first name, a last name, and an email address. For some, it means only collecting an email address for future contact.


While you might hear (from the gurus) about getting as little information from sales leads as possible, remember there’s no point in getting people to fill out a form or engage with a chatbot if you can’t do anything meaningful with the information you gather from a sales lead.


That said, online lead generation is just the initial grease that allows the business sales engine to move, just like traditional sales prospecting used to be.


How Can I Generate Online Leads?

There are a few steps to follow in order to create sales leads online using a lead generation website, they include:


  • Inviting all visitors to become leads.
  • Using chatbots instead of forms.
  • Offering valuable lead magnets.
  • Linking chatbots to all site communication.


In some cases, these changes not only require the ability to take action but a new mindset when it comes to creating websites. 


Where oftentimes people designing websites can focus on things like interesting design and slick media, those creating a lead generation system for a lead generation website must focus on inviting engagement and catching the contact information for the most amount of website visitors possible.


Let’s explore how that’s done.


Inviting all visitors to become leads

In order to best catch the spirit of what it takes to create a lead generation system for a lead generation website, you’ll want to think of it like a brick-and-mortar business.


Let’s say you’re in a coffee shop and it’s in a nice out-of-town location. You enter the coffee shop. You might even see a little vending machine nearby where you could ACTUALLY  buy your specific desired type of coffee if you wanted. 


But there is no one around to take your order. There’s no one around to get your information. There’s no one to even ask a question.  Regardless of what you think you might do. The thing is, most of us would leave in that situation. 


This is the situation in which most people find themselves visiting websites. There’s no one there to greet them. And that’s quite a shame because website visitors are some of the most engaged people on the internet.


Think about it. When a person goes to a website, they want something. They came there either by searching for a specific topic in a search engine, or they heard about a specific thing that they wanted to check out further and just went directly to that site.


Either way, they have come across your website because they’re highly interested. Most people don’t just stumble upon websites and check them out “for the heck of it.” So, it’s quite a shame that this engaged person has no one to talk to. 


In order to catch the most leads possible, it’s important to follow what Woody Allen said that one time,


 “80% of [success] is just showing up.”


 It really is that simple. Show up on your website pages in order to invite all your website visitors to become leads.


An easy way to do that is to install chatbots on your website. 


A chatbot can easily be set to show up on all pages of a site and can invite people to engage further or go deeper with your content. A fun question or helpful inquiry is typically all it takes to get someone’s response in this way. 


Here’s a helpful motto for you to remember in order to capture more leads on every single page of your website, 


Do not accept lazy pages.


Stop accepting web pages that just look good or hold content. Let there be no more lazy pages on your website. Every page should accomplish the goal of improving the business.


Using chatbots instead of forms

The thing about website forms is that most of them are abandoned. Specifically, according to data from form abandonment software company Capsumo, somewhere between  67 and 81 percent of forms are abandoned.


Since most people abandoned website forms, it’s interesting that many sites still decide to use traditional forms with 11 questions or form fields to get sales conversations going. 


Can you imagine? Think about that for a second…11 places to enter information? So, first, we have something that research shows most people abandon. Then, secondly, we go ahead and make this activity pretty difficult to complete. All in all, this leads to people not being able to get more leads from their websites.


Chatbots save us here. With chatbots, you can use natural language (on desktop) and texting (on mobile) in order to fill out a “form” that is actually a conversation. This is especially powerful on mobile, where people are more apt to text than to write out a lengthy answer to some question.

It saves the answers that people type as form fields.


They also empower future followup by connecting to email and social media. 


Offering valuable lead magnet

When it comes to capturing the sales leads from a portion of the visitors that come to your site, it’s important to give them something they’d be willing to trade their information for. An easy way to do that is by creating a lead magnet. But how can you know what people find valuable? 


How do you know that people will be willing to trade their contact information for the specific piece of content that you’ve created? 


Well, you can use search listening. Search listening is simply looking at related search terms in order to figure out a good topic for your lead magnet.


And because Google captures most of the web’s search traffic, Google is a great tool to use for search listening.


 Just type in your main keyword + a letter of the alphabet either before or after the term. Start with “A” and continue all the way through “Z.” If no interesting topic comes when you add this to one side of your keyword, try it on the other side of your keyword. 


Because Google is in the business of providing people with the most relevant search results, it will give you the best suggestions for popular topics in Google Instant, the autofill feature Google shows off while you’re searching for a specific topic. 


Expect to stumble upon valuable insights and surprises doing search listening.


Link chatbots to all site communication

Now, this is a place, a rare place, where brick-and-mortar stores might actually be more innovative than most websites. And that’s because brick-and-mortar stores typically do something in order to track the people who enter.


 Next time you visit a brick-and-mortar store, notice how everything inside is set up to track people, from the security cameras to the scanners at the front and sides of the store to the barcodes on the items or the credit card machines at checkout, brick-and-mortar stores are all about figuring out who is in the store at any given time. 


Unfortunately, many people do not have a way to figure out who has engaged with her stuff online. They know the answer is “analytics”… maybe?


That’s where, again, chatbots can come to the rescue. You no longer have to accept untracked visitors. Whenever anyone engages with your chatbot, it starts building up a store of data on your visitors, creating a profile based on the information they share with you over time.


You can track visitors after simple actions like clicking a button with link-triggered chatbots.


How To Build A Lead Generation Website: The Lead Generation Process


That said, here’s the 30,000-foot view of the lead generation process to follow for your lead generation website:


  • Determine information needed for followup
  • Install chatbot system
  • Build lead magnet


First, you want to determine the exact information you’ll need to do proper follow-up. We’ve covered this a little bit, but in the end, you have to ask for enough information to do the most successful followup you can. 


If, for example, you know that your salespeople will follow up using the phone, it’s important to ask for a phone number before you hand someone a lead magnet. Even if the sites in your industry don’t necessarily ask for that, you need to ask the information that allows you to do adequate followup. 


Once you have the information that you need, leave it there. Gathering the least information necessary will increase the chances people will complete your form or chatbot conversation to become a lead.


Once you’ve done that, you want to actually install a chatbot system on your site, that process can be started for free via While 24/7 automatic chatbots are available for paying customers, live chat is available for free. 


If you’re new to this type of technology, it can be a good introduction to the ecosystem, seeing how it works, and how leads are managed. 


Lastly, you’ll want to build a lead magnet in order to attract people and entice them to trade their information for a valuable piece of information as well. Don’t fret or overthink this, just use search listening to determine the topic you’ll cover and free tools like Canva to produce a good-looking PDF that covers the topic in a page or two.


How can you increase lead generation?

After you’ve done all that, how else can you increase lead generation? Well,  lead generation can be increased by building traffic to your lead generation  website.


 And you can simply  build traffic to the site by regularly updating your blog content. This provides new hooks Google can expose to your potential customers. When they bite for further information, because of the lead generation system you’ve put in place, with enough time they’ll eventually become a sales lead.




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