How To Build A Lead Generation Website: Speed Up WordPress Site

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Speeding up your website is a major part in how to build a lead generation website. It  helps you get more potential customers to your site by improving your visibility on Google. Search engines don’t want to send traffic to a janky site. Learn how you can speed up your WordPress site for better sales conversations below.


Why Should You Speed Up Your WordPress Site?

Because it helps you get noticed by Google and helps you get seen by more potential customers. 


According to marketing platform Optinmonster, page speed has been a major ranking factor for years (and isn’t going anywhere soon). 


When they ranked the top 10 SEO factors, page speed was a top concern at spot number 2. The idea behind page speed being a leading SEO ranking factor has stuck around for years because Google is very invested in helping users improve their experience. 


So, if your site is delivered fairly quickly, two seconds or less, then it’s more likely to be shown than an unoptimized, slow, and creaky webpage.


Where Can I Find A WordPress Site Speed Test?

You can go to, to test how fast your site is loading. According to their about page, the tool was originally developed by AOL, for internal use, and they eventually made it open-source around 2008.


Why Is My WordPress Site So Slow?

Well, there are a number of reasons why your site might be slow. Let’s explore them before giving you simple ways to fix these problems.


Your code is janky

What I mean here is that your code is not formatted correctly or there’s more written than there needs to be. It commonly happens with programming languages JS or JavaScript and CSS.


Your images take up too much space

 A common culprit behind slow-loading websites is space-heavy images. This is mostly due to using big  PNG image files and other very large image files. 


One of the worst things you can do is to put a heavy image file at the top of your page, because even though it looks good, it may slow down the web experience for the potential customers you’re looking to attract. 


This makes their time with you more annoying and makes them less likely to delve deeper into your web page.


Your backend is not updated

This all comes down to two languages called  MySQL and PHP.


MySQL is a language used to make up the databases that you have in WordPress and PHP is the language in which WordPress and all of its plugins are written.


 When my SQL and PHP are not updated regularly, there can be problems with the way your WordPress site handles information. You’ll also notice problems with how your applications and plugins work. All this can lead to a site that acts kind of funky..


How can you know these are not up-to-date? Download the plugin “Jetpack” from the WordPress folks. It has a site health tracker built-in that will tell you if either your MySQL or PHP are no longer up-to-date.


How Do I Make My WordPress Site Faster?

For your WordPress site, There are a number of things that you can do to make it faster. And the good news is it’s not terribly complicated. A lot of it is actually straightforward.


Update your backend 

Check your backend languages, specifically your MySQL and your PHP. These are things that you can handle through your hosting provider. 


Typically, you should be able to log into your hosting provider and take care of issues with PHP. Depending on your hosting company ( I use 1&1/IONOS), you can just go into your control panel and update your PHP. Updating PHP from your hosting account should be a breeze. 


Now, it’s different when it comes to MySQL. Since MySQL is a database, and if you are currently running a site it’s running on a database, you’ll need to jump through a few hoops first before updating it. 


Ultimately, you’ll need to create a new updated database with a more current version of MySQL built-in.


How to update MySQL

1.First, find the current database on which your WordPress site is running.

2.Export your old database information.

  1. Import your old database information to your new database. 
  2. Lastly, you will need to make sure that your site is pointing to the new database. 


Be sure to talk with your hosting provider about the specific details you should follow when updating your WordPress site in this way.


Update imaging to save space

For updating images and saving space, there’s a quick fix with a WordPress plugin called “Smush.” What Smush will do is compress your images so they don’t take as much space on your site. 


Another easy fix is to change the type of image files you’re using. Unless they’re transparent images, you could switch from a PNG to a JPEG file instead. Surprisingly, I’ve seen it in my own work experience how using a JPEG file can make a huge difference in web page speed and the rate at which your site loads.

site speed test results how to make a lead generation website speed up wordpress site

Use a CDN or content delivery network

You can also use a CDN service or content delivery network. What is a CDN?


According to popular CDN Cloudflare,


“A content delivery network (CDN) refers to a geographically distributed group of servers which work together to provide fast delivery of Internet content.”


They allow you to serve up your web pages and content to your viewers using their servers.


One CDN that you can start using for free is Cloudflare.


Word of caution: If you have an SSL certificate that you want to use for your website, it can make using a CDN tricky. Because SSL requires verification and CDNs mess with where your website records are pointed, it’s a hassle I try to avoid when possible.


Still want to use CDNs and SSL? In that case, it would be better to get an SSL certificate through Cloudflare, as there will be fewer hoops to jump through.


Use plugins to optimize your code and more

“Autoptimize” and “W3 Total Cache” are my top recommendations for plugins you can use to thoroughly speed up your WordPress website.


They handle the gamut from browser caching to optimizing JS and CSS code. Before you set them up for your website, I’d advise searching for recommended settings.


Rule of thumb: if you don’t know EXACTLY what an option does, skip it.


How Does This Increase Lead Generation?

Speeding up your WordPress site gets you higher up in Google’s rankings, which means that more people are able to discover your site and engage with your forms and chatbots.


It all serves to get you more leads.



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