How To Get Leads From LinkedIn

How Do You Get Leads From LinkedIn?


In simplest terms, you get leads from LinkedIn by having conversations on the LinkedIn social media platform. Once they exchange contact information with you, they become a lead. While you can accomplish this a number of ways, the main steps for doing LinkedIn lead generation look like this..

Step 1: Find the right person

Step 2: Connect with the right person

Step 3: Pitch the right person

Currently, I find using video with LinkedIn lead generation is the most effective way for getting people’s attention.

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Why Would You Want LinkedIn Leads?


If you’re in the”B2B” or business-to-business professional space, meaning you and your company depend on making sales to executives and departments within certain businesses, LinkedIn is the platform you must be on.

Besides giving you access to a professional network of over 660 million, according to Hubspot’s most recent “Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics,” “LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform for delivering content and securing audience engagement.” 

Who Should Not Get Leads From LinkedIn?


There are a number of businesses that might not be a good fit for LinkedIn lead generation. They include any business that relies on the general population for sales.

LinkedIn lead generation is not generally recommended for “B2C” or business-to-consumer professionals.

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