How To Hire A ‘24/7 Salesperson’ For Cents On The Dollar

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The 24/7 salesperson is one of the least used tools in modern sales. Specifically, it is the power of using specific technology and content to connect with sales leads on a deeper level. We’ll cover some ways to create our own.

Let’s talk about it:


Over the holiday break, I found myself whipping out my credit card to pay for an online course to better help me create and refine my products.


The course was  pretty well done, created over video and screenshots but what impressed me most about it was something the author did not mention.


If you looked closely at one particular shot of video, you could read the date, and notice the product was created over two years ago.


Two years ago?! In the digital/technology/internet space, products become obsolete every 2 or 3 years.


  • Google changes a lot.
  • Social media changes a lot.
  • Technology, in general, changes a lot.


To appreciate this fact, just think, how often you


  • Change your phone?
  • Replace your laptop?
  • Update your internet and subscription services?


In spite of this time-gap, this author had sold me a product from over 2 years ago, while making me feel excited to finally purchase it.


That is the power of a 24/7 salesperson. And as you might have guessed from the marks I placed around the word ‘salesperson,’ I am talking about the power of using specific technology and content to connect with sales leads on a deeper level.


I have experienced the effectiveness of this approach, not only in my personal life but in my business as well.


What we want in a salesperson

Regardless of the type of business owner or executive I work with, one fact typically becomes abundantly clear before the end of our first meeting,


They didn’t get into their business to sell.


If that is you, if you’re saying to yourself, “I could do soooo much more business, if someone would just sell for me,” you’re not alone.


It’s also not your fault. In school, we were trained to be craftspeople: we learned that if we did the best job on our projects, we would be rewarded with the best grades. So, most of our professional improvement time is spent getting better at our craft,


  • We learn to be better managers.
  • We learn to better manage our finances.
  • We learn to improve our data analysis.
  • We learn how to earn the highest marks of excellence in our industry.


While these abilities may get you claps at the award dinners, it may not translate into cash. I’ve met award winners who consider shutting down because of poor sales.


So, frustrated that our improved gardening skills don’t make us better hunters, we’d like to turn the task over to someone else who’s better at this sales stuff.


Somehow, in our minds (the collective mind of society), we have come to the conclusion that selling is something we don’t want to be associated with.


Why would you be willing to make the steak but refuse to share it (and take money for it)?


I run into a fear of sales all the time. While people like Zig ZIglar talked about false beliefs about the “consummate con man” salesperson in the 1970s, many of us still carry that false image around with us to this very day.


I run into


  • People at business development (or sales prospecting) courses, that don’t want to be seen as salesy. 
  • Executives responsible for sales who don’t want to come off as salesy.
  • Business owners who refuse to ask people, who are on tour, if they are interested in taking the next step of signing up — as that would be salesy.


But let’s forget about these feelings and excuses, for a second. 


Ask yourself,


“What do I want in a salesperson?”


You’re probably 


  • Looking for someone who is passionate about your product or service.
  • Will route hot leads your way.
  • Someone who will consistently start new sales conversation on your behalf.


If that is true, then what you likely want is a BDR (business development representative), a person who spends most of their time prospecting, or finding you new business.


Because, no one is likely to have your passion for your product or service, as a business owner or top executive, you are still the best person to share your business’ story with sales leads. Your main issue is that you still need someone to start sales conversations for you and send highly-interested sales leads your way.


The good news: while not the same as hiring a flesh-and-blood 9 to 5 salesperson, hiring a 24/7 salesperson can provide you a multitude of benefits, 


  • You can often set-and-forget them.
  • You can pay for them one-time.
  • Have few ongoing charges.
  • Can deliver you new customers when they’re ready to buy.
  • Don’t involve being salesy.


Note: Lest you get the picture of a sales system that works for you without ever having to put in the work, these ‘24/7 salespeople’ will need to be maintained. I forgot where I heard it from, but as one business veteran explained to me, “Passive income is never passive.”


That said, with the following tools and strategies, we can save you the hassle of being someone you don’t want to be and doing much of the traditional salesy things you don’t want to do.


Let’s talk about creating 24/7 B2B multichannel magic.


How To Hire A ‘24/7 Salesperson’ For A Steep Discount


Use chatbots powered with AI

When recently explaining what made chatbots so darn powerful to a marketing executive at a tech firm, I likened the web experience to the coffee shop where we were having our conversation.


I asked him to imagine needing a cup of  coffee and entering the coffee shop ready-to-buy, except there was no one there. What would he do?


“Situations like this happen every once in a while.


Perhaps you wait patiently for a few minutes, ring some kind of bell, call out for someone, or at your most desperate, take a peek in the backroom. But if it were clear that nobody was home, we’d all just go someplace else.


Your website is just like that store. People come to your site for specific reasons: 


They have questions

They want to buy now

They want to chat more with you


But there is no one there to greet them.”


Is it really a wonder why many of our websites are not creating sales leads for us?


Chatbots change the game, by allowing you to create a 24/7 salesperson who can route hot leads your way and put them on your calendar.


Just the other day, I woke up to find a potential international customer booked for a meeting that following Monday. 


It didn’t matter that they operated in a wildly different timezone or set the meeting during the wee hours of the dawn, my salesperson was ready to take their information and get to the bottom of their immediate needs.


Empowering your chatbot with AI (artificial intelligence) tools such as Clearbit boosts your effectiveness when it comes to handling sales leads correctly, as they build up rich profiles of people that visit your site over time, using sophisticated technology.


Chatbots are a powerful marketing tool that the top sales and lead generation professionals of today are leveraging for improved success.


Consistent social media posting


I have a business buddy who is not at all afraid to invest in his success, sometimes to the tune of $10,000 a ticket.


The other day, he came back from a big ticket event where a marketer explained how most social media was pointless. He might be right.


He also went on to explain that you had 2 choices on modern social media, be the stunt-happy clown who gets liked and shared or be an advertiser.


I’d add a 3rd option: be the person who adds value in order to start conversations.


While I don’t agree with this marketing expert’s conclusions, I get the frustration.


I’ve encountered more than 1 person who has some kinda beef with social media, they don’t like how fake and disingenuous the thing can be, they don’t like the mean messages that can come out of it, they don’t dig the ‘success porn’ people throw up on their pages every day.


Then these people inevitably make the mistake of claiming no one makes money off social media. 


This can not be true.


As long as you can have conversations on a platform with real-life people who have a real-life need and the ability to pay for your product or service, you can turn nearly any platform profitable.

Use LinkedIn posting as a non-obvious strategy for staying in front of your target market.


Personalized video social selling 


I didn’t recognize the power of personalized video social selling until one day I received a random sales meeting on my calendar for the next day.


I figured it must have been a fluke or a spammer because I didn’t recognize the name. 


Was this for real?


Good thing, I have sales leads include their mobile numbers on my appointment setting form. So, I called the number to check it out.


The guy on the other end explained that he was a marketing executive who worked for a software company based in France and that I had sent him a video social selling message inviting him to set-up a coffee meeting when he had the time.


Upon further investigation, I realized why I could not place the name — I had sent the video 6 months prior!


Video social selling on the rise


In its “2019 Video In Business Benchmark Report,” business video platform Vidyard reported that “on average, 52% of [business] viewers watch a video all the way through, regardless of the video’s length.” 


That said, Vidyard also found that the average length of business videos have continued to shrink each year, from 13.14 minutes in 2016 to  about 4 minutes 2 years later. This trend, they suggest, shows the increased use of personalized 1:1 video over more traditional corporate videos.


One of the most practical ways to make use of personalized 1:1 video is through B2B social selling done via LinkedIn messaging. And one of the biggest revelations of this video-powered messaging is the ability to introduce implied consent. 


Similar to how behavioral targeting allows marketers and sales professionals to engage with leads only when they have shown a certain interest, with personalized video tools such as those available at, you can receive notifications when a lead engages with your video. 


Straying from the traditional Spray-N-Pray model, you can follow-up only with those leads who have engaged your video.This signals implied consent to continue the conversation. 

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