[Infographic] 10 Research Backed B2B Lead Generation Strategies

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Let me be straight-up, sometimes marketing can feel like snake oil. Every new tool is sold as though it were the answer to your problems–and it turns out to be a dud. I get it. It stinks. But when you rely on research-backed strategies instead of the lastest shiny thing, you can deliver meaningful results that matter for you and your team. Let’s talk about those research-backed strategies.


10 Research-Backed B2B Lead Generation Strategies: The Infographic


Marketing executives and business owners have more choices for lead generation than ever before. Most of these options cost a lot. So how do you know if one route is a complete waste of money? How do you know which is the right one?


Keep your strategies research-based. I’ve created the infographic below to help you out. Feel free share it anywhere or embed it on any site you like using the code below. Enjoy.

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