Insider: “How Joining The Cult Of LinkedIn Boosts Your Career And Sales Goals”

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Turns out LinkedIn is the premier tool, not only for pushing your career forward but your B2B sales forward as well. Stick around as we’ll also be answering common questions like, “Why can’t I use my free LinkedIn to get sales leads?”. 

Let’s talk about it:


I don’t mean to completely melt your brain here, but I have a confession to make that I usually admit to once people have known me for a couple of months. 

That’s because by then they have likely invited me to an event of some sort on Facebook.

I’m not on Facebook. That’s the big secret.

Yes, I know I am one of billions and perhaps the only person you know who would admit to such a thing. But it is true. If you check the Book of Face, you will not find me there.

Note: Why you might find a shell of an account with perhaps 1 friend that I use for FB advertising purposes, you won’t find me as an active user. If I use it at all, it is simply as a business tool.

Why? I’m not entirely sure when it happened, but I was starting to seriously consider the prospect of using social media primarily for business rather than updating my whereabouts and selfie portraits. 

And the more I pondered this, the more depressing the whole experience became of playing voyeur to the curated lives of near strangers. Did I really care about viewing their delicious past meals which I could not taste? Could I really enjoy the photography of nuptials to which I was not invited?

I also didn’t appreciate the lack of sense your typical user displayed in talking about any number of explosive topics: religion, politics, and personal matters best left unmentioned.

So, looking back, when I heard about LinkedIn, it was no surprise I quickly joined and proceeded to figure out what the heck it was for. 

Best Uses For LinkedIn

Professional portfolio:

I remember once going out for a position, within a marketing firm most likely, and was entirely frustrated from the lack of excitement or traction I’d developed with human resource departments—despite the fact that I was perfect for the role. Frustrated, my mind, the eternal schemer, laid out a strategy by which I’d use a personal web page to display my best work and show off my knowledge.

I actually fretted over this for days, when my senses came back to me, 

“Oh yeah, I have a LinkedIn profile.”

It is a straightforward method for placing your best work and accomplishments before potentially interested parties.

VIP networking tool

Obviously, in time I realized that I was just not a job application guy (in fact, most aren’t, as U.S. News reported in their story “Don’t Believe These 8 Job Search Myths,” only 15 percent of jobs are filled through job boards). I had put in a combined 425-plus applications to no serious interest.

But once I changed my strategy from CVs to meeting VIPs, my fortunes changed and now work was being offered to me.

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B2B business lead generation

The more I connected with people that could help me advance within my chosen field, the more I realized this same effort could be used for the purpose of business lead generation. 

The process for LinkedIn B2B lead generation, which we’ll gloss over in a bit, requires little changing whether connecting with others for the sake of your personal advancement or that of your business. You’ll still be making your communication personal and valuable, just with different goals in mind.  

For the full details on LinkedIn B2B lead generation. Click here for the Ultimate LinkedIn Sales Lead Generation Guide. 

How To Do LinkedIn Lead Generation: The Basics


 So how do you do LinkedIn Lead Generation anyhow? Getting sales calls from LinkedIn is not hard at all. You really only have to do three things to accomplish LinkedIn Lead Generation.


Anything else I mention here is just going to be an addition to these basics. The three steps of LinkedIn Lead Generation are: first, finding the right person; second, connecting with the right person; and third, pitching the right person.

But originally I did not think that was the case. I thought LinkedIn Lead Generation had to be a lot harder. You ever do that? I know as marketing and salespeople we often have to overcomplicate things and I was no different. 


My original sales strategy was a complicated six step process that resulted in zero sales calls in three weeks. And it not only failed to get sales calls, it pissed people off. 


This goes against some of what we’ve heard. You’ve probably heard to not sell right away. Maybe that sales and social media don’t mix and that no one wants to be sold to, right? 


But here’s what I discovered: Get to the point because no one wants their time wasted.


That simple 3 step strategy helped one customer get 10+ sales calls in 1 week — and helped us get in front of the right decision-makers at companies you might recognize…


Common Questions About LinkedIn Lead Generation


What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?


This is a tool that LinkedIn provides for professional users and it runs at about $80 per month at the time of this writing. Essentially it allows you to have a CRM inside of LinkedIn and allows you to search for the kinds of people you want to find. 


Can’t I use my regular, free LinkedIn?


A common thing people ask, “Why can’t I use my typical, free LinkedIn account?” Well, here’s the thing about your typical LinkedIn — after LinkedIn got acquired by Microsoft some years ago, they started to seriously monetize the platform. 


In short, if you do enough searches for people and companies on LinkedIn, they will block you and get their message across, ‘Nah, you have to pay us for that.’


Sorry. It seems that if you’re doing sales activities, you will have to start paying LinkedIn and start using Sales Navigator. That said, they offer a free trial of the tool for about 30 days. So just try it out for a month, see if it’s helpful for you. 


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