Lead Gen Master List: 9 LinkedIn Templates Creating $103,292 In Sales And Open Pipeline

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Let’s face it, LinkedIn isn’t perfect– sometimes it feel annoying. However, it remains an extremely helpful and effective tool for generating B2B sales leads with messaging. We’re going to cover the top LinkedIn lead generation messages our customers have used to increase sales and open pipeline.

How to use this master list


I used to make fun of people who talked seriously about positive thinking.


I would be like, “Get outta here with that positive thinking junk,” believing that ‘real’ people sat around and talked about how terrible their lives and the world was.


Then came the day I decided to do something courageous (for me), I decided to give it a try.


I remember the day it happened. My sister had gone to the spa for her birthday and I was hanging out in the library nearby, to kill time.


From my chosen table, I saw the same title I’d seen several times before, “The Power Of Positive Thinking” by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. But this time I actually noticed it and considered taking it home.


 Maybe it was because my life was going pretty crappily, living at home with my parents and I figured things couldn’t get worse. Maybe I thought I would get a good laugh out of it.


Regardless, I  borrowed it from the librarian. And that moment marked a big shift in my life that eventually helped me develop into a better business person, salesman, marketer, partner, and human being.


Over the last several years, holding myself accountable for staying trapped in negative thinking gets difficult sometimes. It does not solve every problem known to humankind.


It is not perfect but it has been an extremely helpful and effective tool for living my life on all levels.

Let’s Talk LinkedIn Lead Generation. It’s Not Perfect.

As the saying goes, if you’re looking for the perfect business-to-business tool for generating sales leads 100 percent of the time,


“Then I’ve got some Florida swampland I’d like to sell you.”


At the time of this writing, my services include LinkedIn along with other channels. in order to get customers the best amount of leads.


The Truth About B2B Lead Generation

“Rather than focus on a single silver lead bullet, understand that B2B lead generation is a composite of unquantifiable activities and behaviors that just work.” – Crazy Egg

That said…LinkedIn lead generation is not perfect but it has been an extremely helpful and effective tool for getting B2B sales leads. LinkedIn has helped my customers generate tens of thousands of dollars in revenue, sometimes with one message.


When I first went hard on LinkedIn lead generation, I turned a $400 investment in LinkedIn-related software into a win of about $2600. That’s an ROI (return-on-investment) of over 600 percent!


Not many B2B lead generation channels are that effective.


The right message to the right person could make your month. Let’s talk about the top messages my customers have used to great results.


But first, some housekeeping.


Housekeeping: How To Handle Your LinkedIn Lead Generation Messages


Let’s get you setup for success. Here are some LinkedIn lead generation message questions you might ask yourself when no one is around (but still need answering)…

How should I store these messages?

I recommend  storing your messages Evernote. This gives you ready access to these messages whenever you need them. Also, Evernote makes it super easy to add checklists to your cards(Evernote documents) which will help keep you from screwing up your LinkedIn lead generation messages.


Using Google Docs is another available option.


How should I write and send these messages?

Inside of your Evernote add bold letters and highlights to things that will change. This will notify you of what you should change from message to message.


When it comes to time to actually send your messages, I recommend that you copy and paste your message into LinkedIn. You don’t have to worry about copying and pasting highlights and bold letters as these don’t carry over to LinkedIn.


How do I keep myself from screwing up these messages?

Above every message, add a checklist for all of the bold and highlighted parts of your message. This will allow you to keep from sending the wrong message and/or content to the wrong person.


I have sent a message meant for Luke to Priscilla, trust me, it isn’t something you want to replicate.


What should I do when I screw up?

Screwups happen. It’s part of life. But when you do screw up, I recommend disconnecting with the person you sent the wrong message so they can’t retaliate or send you some other nasty messages.


Just go to My Network > Connections >Person You Want To Disconnect With


Then you click the “…” symbol to the right of their profile picture. Click “Remove Connection”


Remember, if you are doing hundreds of lead generation messages, it is only natural that 1 or 2 end up mistakes.


9 LinkedIn Lead Generation Message Templates Responsible For Over $103,292 In Sales And Open Pipeline


Now, for the main event. Let’s talk about specific messages for LinkedIn lead generation.

How To Connect and Pitch People On LinkedIn, Even If They Don’t Know You

Connection template – basic

This message is best used when you are reaching out cold. This is the basic message that we are sending to people in order to connect with us on LinkedIn. Now the benefit of this is that it allows you to connect with 1 in 3 executives, even if they don’t know you — and even if they have never heard of you. 


The tools and strategies packed into this simple message are going to allow you to connect with people with a very good success rate. This message is helpful because it helps you get past a lot of the barriers, such ‘stranger-danger’ and general resistance that people typically have connecting with someone unknown on LinkedIn. 


When to use: You should use this message if you don’t have any other pertinent information on a specific person, such as being part of the same group or association. Remember that relationships of any kind trump any kind of messaging magic, so if you have history, leverage that instead. 


When not to use: If you are, say, part of the same group or  have some stronger relational ties. It doesn’t have to be much to be considered stronger. For example, if you’ve met in person before or maybe you have been mentored by the same person.  In these cases, just skip this message and find one that’s a little bit more appropriate for your needs. 



Hi [First Name]! [Who You’re Connected With And Why] I noticed your profile: you’re a fellow [Points Of Familiarity]. [Share Why You’re Connecting]. Hope to connect on LinkedIn.

-[Your Name]

Pitch message template – basic

Now this basic pitch template is going to be, again for a basic situation, when you don’t have any special knowledge on this person, they’re kind of Joe or Jane Random to you and you just managed to get their connection. 


Once connected,  go ahead and send them this basic pitch template. 


When to use: Send this message in order to get this lead on a call or take the next step with in your sales process. This message is going to help you to ease the process of getting them to take action

 We’re going to use a few different triggers here  and attack this from a few different angles to help us get the best result. 


When not to use: When you have something more powerful to leverage, such as a personal connection or relationship. Also, do not use if the lead has not connected with you.



Thanks [First Name].  Just noticed your shared post: on [Shared Post Details] – and that you’ve been a successful industry leader for years . Good stuff. Always good to connect with a fellow [Industry] Pro and Exec.


I promise I haven’t just connected to increase my connections on LinkedIn. [Although it’s never a bad thing:)] I run [Business Name].


We help[ Specific Types Of People Or Companies]  [Specific Benefits These People Get]. For example, we’ve [Specific Example Or Stat Of Success].


You can see an example here: [Insert Link Here]


Would it make sense for us to have a quick chat when it works for you?

Leverage Your Current Groups And Activities For Faster Success And Meetings


Connection template – same group/association member

Let’s talk about the connection template for the same group/association member. Use this message when you want to leverage the associations that you’re a part of. We’re not talking about LinkedIn groups, more like paid trade associations. Flaunting membership to certain groups can be a very powerful tool for creating a sense instant familiarity and shared values, as group affiliation often means financial and time commitments. 


When to use: When you want to specifically connect with target customers in groups that you are a part of,  in order to pitch them. Stick with this message if that is your goal. 


When not to use: Let’s not use this message if we are not part of the same group or association as our target customers. I know it can be tempting to just go ahead and fake memberships to certain groups. but let’s be above board here.


Note: In this message, when I refer to a “friendly descriptor,” I’m referring to the kind of thing that the organization is asking its members to do. See the accompanying video to learn more.



Hi [First Name],


As a fellow [Group] Member, I’d love to connect with you and keep up with what you are doing in the “[Friendly Descriptor]” space. Hope to connect here on LinkedIn.


-[Your Name]

Pitch message template – same group/association member


What we’re going to do here is continue to leverage the connection to the group or association where your target customer hangs in order to get them on a call. 


This is one of the top messages I have discovered for getting sales calls set up. And it continues to prove that associations are a great tool to have in your toolbox for lead generation.


When to use:  We‘ll use this after the same group member connection message. The goal of this message is to get this group or association member on a call.

As far as timing goes, I recommend a 2 day waiting period. After they’ve connected with you, followup in 48 hours. 


When not to use: Let’s not use this message if we’re not part of the same association or we have not connected beforehand. I know there is InMail but I do not recommend it, since as a rule, someone willing to buy from you should at least be willing to be in contact with you.


[First Name]:


Always great connecting with a fellow [Group Name] Member, and [Friendly Descriptor]! I’d love to learn more about what you are up to at [Company Name] and hear how you are [The Goals You Want To Help With]. 


Would you like to hop on a quick call to chat?

No New Connections Needed: Create Meetings Using The Connections You Already Have. 


Pitch message template – current connections

 The benefit of this message is that it allows you to create leads out of your current connections. A lot of people can amass a following of 10 or 20,000 connections but can’t do a darn thing with them. Those connections have not actually made their business any better nor done anything significant for them. This message is a vehicle to leverage those connections. 


When to use: Timing is important with this message. You want to use this only after you’ve been connected with someone for at least four months. This allows the psychological trigger of consistency to play out, meaning that since they have been connected with you for four months and haven’t dumped you or disconnected with you, they say to themselves, this must be a good person to know.


So when you reach out to them there, they have less of their guard up. They’re more likely to receive what you have to say. That’s why we see good conversion rates with this message with about 1 in 10 agreeing to a call.  


When not to use: You don’t want to use this If you just made a connection with someone, that would not be recommended. 


Also, there is no specific connection message for this pitch message. Since we’re  already connected with this potential lead (without realizing it) we just need to focus on the pitch. 


Hi [First Name],


It dawned on me that we’ve been connected for months and I’ve never really learned about your business or told you about the work I do with [Your Industry Or Type Of Work].


Maybe we could get on the phone soon and see how we might help each other? If that works for you.


Let me know.

Reach A New Kind Of Customer. Complete Research On A New Target Market

Connection template – networking/research

This is another very powerful template that I enjoy using because it draws on the goodness of people. Because at the heart of it, people really want to help other people out. This natural human inclination is powerful. 


When to use: Obviously only use this if you are actually curious about someone’s industry or you’re trying to do some market research. We can use this kind of messaging for a few reasons:

  • in order to start to go into a new field
  • to explore if there is any interest for our products or services in a specific field
  • to build up connections in a new industry


When not to use: As this message is more about exploration, we don’t want to start using this connection template if we’re just looking to make a sale. 



Hi [FirstName]! I’d just connected with some of our mutual contacts in the [Industry] field when I noticed your profile and that you’re also a [Similarities]. I am still learning about the industry and looking to build new connections. Hope to connect on LI. 

-[Your Name]


Pitch message templates – networking/research

This series of messages gets the most responses by far. We’ve seen as many as 22 calls generated in say three days time. We’ve seen many calls generated in a single day. I’ve seen up to eight calls generated in just an hour of work using these messages, so they’re powerful. 


When to use: Well, the goal is to get someone on an exploratory call. Exploratory does not mean sales pitch.  The goal of the call is to take a peek into their industry, maybe get them to explain to you what’s happening in their industry. 


Now while the initial goal is market research, I do believe someone could eventually and organically see  these calls turn into a sales opportunity. Again, the goal for this is not going to be a straight up sales call. 


Nonetheless,  it can be a powerful tool to get in front of some pretty powerful people.


Concerning timing,

  • Send message #1: at least 1 day after connecting
  • Send message #2: after they have agreed to answer questions
  • Send message #3: after they have answered your 1-3 questions


 Obviously after this, you’re going to set up the specific call, the specific location.

When not to use: If you’re not looking for some kind of market research or some kind of exploration of their industry.


Message #1 (after they connect):

[FirstName]. Thanks for connecting. Good to connect with a fellow [Similarity]. A bit about me: I’ve just [Humble Reasoning] but am unsure how to best help  [Target Customer]. That’s why I’m glad to chat with a seasoned pro like yourself. 

Would it be alright to ask you a few questions? 


[Your Name]


Message #2 (after they say yes):

[Review the person’s profile and ask 1-3 questions relevant to their experience. Aim to ask simple – moderately difficult questions]


Message #3 (after they answer):

Thanks for being helpful [FirstName]. I think I could learn a lot from your experience. And it would be easiest to get your responses [over phone/coffee]

Would you be open to grab a [quick call/coffee] for 30 mins? And hopefully I could share some insights I’ve learned from [Industry] leaders like yourself. It would be really helpful.


[Your Name]

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