The Truth About LinkedIn Lead Generation Training

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Is Linkedin Good For Lead Generation?

I get it. You’re a business owner or executive trying to help your business survive and thrive in these tricky times.


You know that means going back to the basics of marketing and sales.


The problem is the world isn’t basic anymore.


The world of marketing and sales has changed from what it used to be. It’s been a long time coming. There was a time when you could create marketing around a happy, fanciful idea, pass it off as a commercial…and boom…money in your pocket or account.


Or maybe you relied on cold calling prospects and sales leads. You could make a phone call pay back dividends. 


Then came the robocallers, you know, those machines that made over 5.1 billion calls last year.


Before you even can think about reaching out to your best sales leads on the phone, the robocallers have hit them up a few times with weird robotic messages and numbers that look local. 


This makes your ideal customers gun-shy (even fearful) about picking up the phone for numbers they don’t know. It stinks.


There was a time when that strategy was a sure thing.


That is not how it works now.


There was also a time when you could count on an increase in business when you did something like run a discount campaign or get the word out about your latest sale.


But, as Deloitte’s latest CMO Survey of 2631 marketing leaders in 13 different industries reports, 

Customers now “prioritize trusting relationships–not low price”

That’s where LinkedIn, the B2B Sales tool of modern times comes in. With its verified 660+ million professional accounts, LinkedIn has become the top digital location to reach business decision-makers and a great place to build trusting business relationships.

“Any sales professional not using LinkedIn…is committing sales malpractice”

-Sales Director at #1 B2B Sales Data Firm, DiscoverOrg

C’mon! Linkedin? Any Other Choices For B2B Lead Generation?


LinkedIn doesn’t seem like it’s for every B2B company–but it is. The reason I started using it was because it worked.


But let’s forget about that for a second and look at how else you might try to create consistent business income from anywhere.


You might try advertising


Sounds like a good way to boost your sales, right?


Here’s the thing with advertising, like with everything else, you have to pay to play and learn.


Running your business on advertising is an expensive experiment.


According to a recent story out of top online advertising company, WordStream called “How To Compete With Big Spenders In Google Ads”


“We looked at 18,037 reports…and compared performance between advertisers spending more than $50K a month and everyone else.


And big spenders really came out ahead.”


Did you get that? The big spenders in your industry are willing to shell out around $50,000 each month to bury you!


Even if you made a sale using this method, you might still LOSE money?!


That doesn’t sound right.




You might try cold email campaigns


You might think it’s an effective, and possibly free, way to reach your target audience and your best sales leads.


I hear this all the time, 


“I’ll just write a good email and  hit “send.”


No problem, right?


That is very WRONG. I have wasted hundreds chasing cold sales leads with cold email campaigns.


The Truth About Cold Email No One Tells You — is that cold email is not free. Not even close.


Check this out…


Cold email has a (historically) poor response rate of about 1 percent. That means that you need to reach a lot of inboxes in order to hit your goal of creating more sales.


And remember you must (hopefully) take these leads through your entire sales process, from start to finish. That means you will need a lot of leads, at least 10,000 to start, depending on your ability to convert cold sales leads into sales.


Once you add up the cost of 

  • A targeted list of 10,000 emails from a provider like Exact Data @ $750. 
  • A bulk email sender like Hot Sol that lets you send up to 250K @ $399.99.
  • A targeted sending domain from a hosting provider like Ionos @ $10.
  • An email verification service like NeverBounce, for 10K emails @ $50.


You have a total of $1209.99 for your first cold email campaign.


And that might have been all–except, you probably don’t want the hassle of sending 10,000 emails. This means you’ll need to hire a freelancer, like the kind who specializes in email marketing, on Upwork. It looks like you’ll pay an extra $300 for that privilege.


This brings your total cold email campaign cost to $1500. A long way from ‘free’.


Another thing about cold email: Don’t forget that even after you do everything right, you can’t get a guarantee that 100 percent of your emails will reach your sales leads. That means more wasted money on people who won’t even see your emails! 


On the flip side, when it comes to LinkedIn lead generation, the numbers tell a different story.


According to LinkedIn themselves, 


Customers who use LinkedIn Sales Navigator (LinkedIn Premium) see 35%+ larger deal sizes.


Premium LinkedIn accounts are inexpensive, starting around $69.

50 percent of B2B buyers use LinkedIn as a source for making purchase decisions.

“LinkedIn 277% More Effective For Lead Generation Than Facebook Or Twitter”

– HubSpot



The numbers don’t lie, LinkedIn is better than the rest of social media at creating sales leads. Period.


This is good because it means when you learn to create sales leads with LinkedIn lead generation you can


  • Create regular and consistent sales opportunities.
  • Make business relationships that lead to more sales.
  • Stop wasting your time on lead generation that wastes your money.
  • Stop depending on old referral sources that have stopped working.


Why Is This Lead Generation Important?

The goal here is not for you to switch to a new technology tool but be in control of your business’ future. It’s not about getting more information for information’s sake–because that would be a waste of your time and money.


Instead, it’s like creating a life preserver around your business, helping you thrive no matter what.


With greater control over your lead generation and sales opportunities, you’ll experience more freedom.


You can count on a more predictable income stream.


You can remove the limitations that have been holding you back like limitations of geography and physical locations because you will be able to reach new sales leads from anywhere.


And without all those limitations, you will be able to help more people than you ever imagined. 


How many people could you help without all those things holding you back?


This isn’t a fantasy, it just requires the right know-how and some work. It is completely possible. You can do this.


You don’t have to be a tech genius. I barely understood the platform when I started using it.


You don’t have to be a skilled writer.


You don’t have to be a skilled marketer to get started.


In fact, let me give you a quick free mini-course to show you how you can start doing LinkedIn lead generation. It will be simple and straightforward.


Your Free Lead Generation Mini Course:


How do you get leads on LinkedIn?

All you need to do to start getting leads with LinkedIn is follow these 3 general steps

  • Find the right people.
  • Connect with the right people.
  • Pitch the right people.


Find the right people

Using LinkedIn search, with either LinkedIn premium or your free LinkedIn account


  1. Search for the job title of your best sales lead.
  2. Filter people (and companies) based on criteria that matter to your business: company size, geography, etc.
  3. Save profiles that look right for your business.


Connect with the right people

  1. Review saved profiles for similarities you share.
  2. Create a connection message that shares these similarities.
  3. Send your connection message.


Pitch the right people

  1. After people connect, wait 2 days.
  2. Create a short text or video pitch.
  3. Send your pitch and review their response.


How do I get email leads from LinkedIn?

While there are a number of tools on the market to accomplish this, I recommend using the ones available for the Chrome browser, as they include the best-in-market right now.


Why download Chrome? After being the most used browser, you’ll find it has the most plugins for lead gen and often includes free tools, like the one below: 


Rocket Reach: Rocket Reach is the 2nd most accurate email finding plugin, the tool works directly on LinkedIn, just check the notification that lights up in your Chrome browser whenever you are on someone’s LinkedIn profile page.


Hunter: The most accurate, top email tool there is. It does not work directly with LinkedIn. But when you use Rocket Reach and find out the website where a sales lead’s email is located, you can use Hunter to extract the email on that specific site.


Email Finder: a free email-extraction tool for the  Chrome browser. 


How do I get legitimate LinkedIn connections fast?

  1. Create a favorable profile.
  • Have a professional profile picture: profiles with pictures get 14X more connections!
  • Make it clear in your headline the benefit you offer and to whom.
  1. Use a logical connection strategy.
  • Find the right people: 2nd connections are best.
  • Express similarities you share and the reason you’re connecting with them via connection message.
  1. Stay away from automated tools and stale templates.


For more details and the complete breakdown of how to do LinkedIn lead generation like a pro and create consistent business income from anywhere, I recommend you check out the LinkedIn for Sales training. It’s online and live.


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