LinkedIn Tips: How To Win The Sale Even If They’re Laughing At You Now

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You should get the idea of the one-and-done sale out of your mind, especially where big money (and complexity) are concerned. More likely than not, you’ll be nuturing (a.k.a  stalking) your leads until they are ready to make a decision. You can make it a lot less awkward with LinkedIn.

Let’s talk about it:


“We’re going to place a screw inside your wrist.”


The doctor had done his best to draw the anatomy of my hand and the multitude of bones contained within it on a typical yellow legal pad.


I was 17 years old sitting with my mother in the doctor’s room with the off white walls, you know, the kind where the only decoration is a poor laminated anatomy poster affixed in main view of the flat chair bed with the crinkly white drawing paper. 


“Your blood circulation has been cut off here,” he explained, pointing to a pile of rocks that were supposed to be my bones.


“So this part is practically dead,” he continued stabbing the jumble with his finger.


I heard about how I might get arthritis, how I might never use my hand the same way again, how I might need additional surgeries.


Is there anything more pointless than to wish you’d acted differently?


But I wished it nonetheless. I wished I had taken better care of myself


My hand had felt like a dead piece of meat hanging off my forearm for months — but I pushed through the pain because I believed people who told me I should be tough and I should stop whining.


Had I known better, I would have chosen to listen to what my body was trying to tell me and saved myself the two surgeries and periodic and painful flare-ups.


Why Do We Have To “Nurture” Leads Anyway?


We don’t always listen to listen to the right sources nor do what’s ultimately the best thing for ourselves. Our new customers are the same way.


Our potential customers who could save themselves great pain and frustration simply buying from us, will choose instead to suffer in their own way.


How many of us will…


Drive the car with the busted mirror 

Wear the bag with the growing tear

Run the computer with the slow operating speed

Swipe the deodorant at its plastic ends

Sport the jeans with the ripping crotch

Don the shirt with the irredeemable stain

Register another free account to continue the trial

Use the phone with the cracked screen

Listen to music with the broken headphones


…Before ponying up cash for the replacement, for the product we know we’ve needed for a while?


Call it a “bug” of human nature, we often won’t make the right decision when it’s presented the first time.


Case in point: the other day I registered for a webinar to learn about software for running online classes. I missed that webinar and had almost forgotten the software company and ignored their emails until they offered another chance to sign up for the webinar.


Although I only remembered their first email, when I looked back at my inbox, I saw they had emailed me every day for 2 weeks straight! 14 emails sent for me to open 1!


How To Start Using LinkedIn As A Lead Nurturing Channel


Note: While LinkedIn is my main traction channel at the moment, feel free to adapt these general ideas to your own best channel.


The hidden benefit of using LinkedIn as a lead nurturing channel is that outbound leads end up acting like inbound leads via the messaging function due to the 1:1 nature of social media.

Here’s how to help make that happen.


Post often


While experts and other sources can debate on proper posting ratios, there is the simple fact that you can’t worry about how to post if you aren’t even posting.


I find the advice of Grant Cardone, when it comes to social media applicable here, that you have to think along massive lines. 


Most people who tell me they want to start posting regularly to social media or LinkedIn specifically, get bogged down by crafting detailed strategies that they’ll soon abandon — because it is not a real priority.


If I may, here’s where I recommend you get honest about your social media strategy and what it really means for your business. If you don’t see how it will help your business or brand then you will not make it a priority. 


If you do not make it a priority, you will not post with enough consistency to make any impact.


This leads to a doom cycle that eventually swallows up your ill-conceived aspirations.


There are real monetary benefits to posting regularly, especially when you add potential customers as new connections. This is what I’ve been doing recently.


After helping leads through my sales process, I add them as a LinkedIn connection. It’s  like a bit of insurance if and when they ever ignore or forget about me.


In one case, I received an email from a new customer that had basically ignored me for a year but watched my LinkedIn activity closely. He immediately wanted to talk business and wound up becoming the largest proposal I’d quoted at that time.


In another case, one customer who refused to make a decision on one of my limited-discount  offers, paid more than 2X the original price a couple of months later — without me hounding him.


When it comes to exactly what you should post, I recommend a healthy variety: helpful original information in your field of expertise, positive quotes and stories, and  related news in your field are solid bets.


Use personalized 1:1 video


One of the least utilized and most effective sales and marketing tools out there now is personalized 1:1 video.


This tool can be a great boon to your business at a time when many marketers and sales people are relying on the clunkiness of mass marketing tools–that are trying their darndest to be “personalized,” I might add.


However, months of doing exhaustive personalized video for over 500 executives and decision-makers has taught me to run the following checks before choosing to go the personalized video route:


  • Is this a high-value prospect?
  • Are they a likely decision-maker/power wielder over some budget?
  • Based on historical data, are  they likely to convert?
  • Has their profile been friendly in the past?


Essentially, I’m asking if this is the best and highest use of my time. If so, I’ll record a quick video re-introducing myself and make a quick pitch , ultimately pointing them to the video CTA. Right now, I ‘m using Loom  to accomplish this.


New customers have informed me that this tactic was the main reason they eventually decided to close a deal with me.


I have seen this get up to 40 % amongst total strangers in my own tests. It is powerful and I can’t recommend it enough.


What are you seeing with video social selling?


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