What Is LinkedIn Lead Generation?

What is LinkedIn Lead Generation?


As the name implies, LinkedIn lead generation is the process of using social media platform LinkedIn in order to produce sales leads for a business. Businesses that benefit from LinkedIn lead generation typically operate in the “B2B” or business-to-business space.B2B companies are those that thrive by making sales to other businesses. Examples of well-known B2B companies include Salesforce and Oracle.


LinkedIn lead generation is often called “social selling,” because it depends on social media use, or “b2b lead generation,” in general terms because it is focused on helping businesses develop sales leads or sales opportunities via decision-makers within certain businesses.



Why LinkedIn?




Honestly, at more than 660 million users, LinkedIn is the most exciting B2B platform to work with right now. It offers the most upside potential for any social platform today, especially for professionals selling to businesses. According to Omnicore’s latest “LinkedIn by the Numbers” report, the average user only spends 17 minutes on LinkedIn per month!




That’s a low number of professionals that are actually using LinkedIn on a daily basis. Now lean that statistic against this fact,




According to Hubspot’s most recent “Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics,” “LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform for delivering content and securing audience engagement.”




All LinkedIn’s potential comes from this funny reality, that one of the top platforms for getting engagement from B2B individuals is not used as much as it could be.




Who Is It Good For?


LinkedIn lead generation is recommended for “B2B” or business-to-business professionals and companies or those that depend on making sales to executives and departments within certain businesses.



Who Is It Not Good For?


LinkedIn lead generation is not recommended for “B2C” or business-to-consumer professionals and companies or those that depend on making sales to regular folks and the general population.



When Should I Do LinkedIn Lead Generation?


This is kind of a a trick question, while outbound LinkedIn lead generation such as messaging is typically done once you’ve identified a target customer by specific qualities such as¬†

  • Industry
  • Title
  • Geography

¬†inbound LinkedIn lead generation like posting content to LinkedIn can be done at any time–and probably should be the first way you try to reach your target customer. Posting content regularly also allows you to see if you’re message is resonating with your target audience.



How Do I Do LinkedIn Lead Generation?


While there are a number of detailed ways to accomplish LinkedIn Lead Generation, in general you just need to follow these steps



Step 1: Find the right person


Step 2: Connect with the right person


Step 3: Pitch the right person


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